More than evade bullets

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A side-scrolling Ikaruga style Neon 90s assault to the senses.
An excellent shoot 'em up of fast and frantic action with a twist. You must absorb or block enemy bullets and upgrade your ship to fight bosses.
Universal Gamers

It is not just evading bullets!

Endocrisis is a technical shoot'em up. You can absorb o block bullets and power up your ship on different stages. The main goal is to beat the six guardian bosses to open the portal to the final battle. Is sometimes described as a Puzzle Shoot 'em up. Bosses have attack patterns that you must learn, which are suitable to absorb or better to block.
Learn new abilities on different levels and discover and dominate the absorb or block tactic.

  • Block Bullets with your armor
  • Recover energy absorbing bullets
  • While you are shooting,you lose energy
  • 60 Continues on each "New Game"
  • Non linear game, you can chose any order to complete the game
  • While you are shooting,you lose energy
  • Absorb yellow bullets

    You can recover your power bar absorbing yellow bullets.

    Block shots or impacts

    Some bullets can't be evaded or absorbed, in that case stop shoting to block them!

    Endocrisis is a sweet, side-scrolling bullet hell shmup! A great arcade feels with neat bullet blocking mechanics to survive throughout the levels.
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    Available on Steam